St. Madeleine Sophie 

St. Madeleine Sophie was born in Joigny, France on December 12, 1779. She was the third child of a Burgundy vine-grower.

As a young child, Madeleine Sophie showed unusual exuberance of life, great judgment and common sense as well as a dedication to God. Louis, her older brother and a priest, was responsible for her early education. Madeleine Sophie went to Paris for further education and on November 21, 1800 she and three other postulants pronounced their consecration. This was the foundation of the Society of the Sacred Heart and each year the anniversary is observed with thanksgiving by her spiritual daughters.

In 1802 this group of women went to Amiens and Madeleine Sophie became their superior, as well as the director of a school for girls. Later in Grenoble, a second house of the Society of the Sacred Heart was founded. Mother Barat labored for over sixty years to promote her schools and in training her nuns. She sought to establish Christian ideals in children who came from the court circles and who were the result of post-revolutionary society. Mother Barat devoted her life establishing her congregation.

On May 25, 1865, the Feast of the Ascension, Madeleine Sophie Barat died at the age of 85. Her body, incorrupt, is in Jette, Belgium. She was beatified in 1908 and canonized in 1925.

Quotes from St. Madeleine Sophie 

"And what is God? Supreme happiness. That is all."

"Be humble, be simple, and bring joy to others."

"Aim unceasingly at becoming a soul of prayer."

"Let us respect childhood; let us honor the soul of that small creature of God who can already make choices of the best if we take the time to awaken her reason and make her use her judgments”

What is needed for winning parents and children is to be busy about them, at their service from morning to night; to forget oneself and enter into what concerns the children, body and soul; to listen to them with interest; to console and to encourage them; finally to sacrifice for them

everything except one's soul; and become for their sakes gentle, patient, indulgent, in one word, a mother.

Your example, even more than your words, will be an eloquent lesson to the world.

"Let us fix our eyes on the crucifix in every difficult moment and that gaze will renew our courage."

“Let us pray to the Holy Spirit to guide us, then we will act on the Spirit’s gentle inspiration. Let us accustom ourselves to walking in these divine paths, following grace and not nature. When we go too fast it is easy to be influenced by the second. Ah! It is a great art to act only by the Spirit of Jesus"

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